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Our family exists to care for yours.

Skilled Care

What exactly is skilled care or, specifically, skilled nursing?

When people use the term skilled care, they are usually referring to some combination of rehabilitation and skilled nursing.

Many short-term care patients have complex medical conditions that require specialized or “skilled” nursing approaches and techniques. We hire nurses and nursing supervisors who have the experience and expertise to excel in providing skilled nursing care. Our nursing staff at each Heritage Hall facility is a permanent team. We make every effort not only to recruit a high-quality permanent team of local nurses, but we strive to keep them long-term.

Heritage Hall’s skilled nursing programs offer access to the following skilled nursing regimens:

Cardiovascular care
Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis
Isolation precautions for VRE/MRSA
IV access care/central and peripheral
IV therapy/antibiotics
IV therapy/TPN
Tracheotomy care
Wound care
Pulmonary therapy
Enteral feedings
Colostomy and urostomy care

As the premier provider of skilled nursing and rehab services in the state, Heritage Hall is committed to improving each resident's independence. Our services include acute, sub-acute and intermediate rehabilitation programs for the orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological patient. Our interdisciplinary-team approach focuses the attention of all team members to achieve a positive rehab outcome.

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