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Rehabilitation Therapy

What exactly is rehabilitation (rehab)?

In the medical field, rehabilitation or “rehab” refers to the rehabilitation of a body that has been weakened or disabled by illness or injury. It generally is prescribed after a major hospitalization in an acute-care hospital. Because a period of rehab generally follows a hospitalization, you will often hear a rehab facility like Heritage Hall described as a post-acute facility.

The term rehab is also often used interchangeably with the term “therapy” because physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are the tools most often employed to rebuild strength and function. Those therapy tools can be used inpatient (inside a facility like Heritage Hall) or outpatient (in your home).

How do you choose the right kind of rehab?

Most people are anxious to return home after a hospitalization and are often times told they can “do their therapy” at home. But with shrinking budgets, hospital stays are shorter than they used to be and often times people are not well enough, strong enough or functional enough to go straight home. Returning home before you are ready can lead to falls, re-injuries or new complications. Going home before you are functional enough to care for yourself also means finding someone who can take care of you at home on a 24-hour basis. And that can be less-effective and more expensive than a period of rehabilitation with a professional, coordinated rehab team in a licensed post-acute facility like Heritage Hall. 

About Heritage Hall Rehabilitation

Our dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals will evaluate your needs and develop goals to enable you to return home as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide quality, individualized treatments to maximize safe, functional and independent mobility for all of our patients. Shortly after you arrive, our team of licensed occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists will assess you to begin forming your treatment plan. 

Over the past 35 years, Heritage Hall's rehab program has returned thousands of people to a more active life. Many are able to return to their home after only a brief stay with us. In fact, we boast a 31-day average for transitioning patients from hospital-to-home. The secret of our success is focusing on the most important member of a hard working team: the patient. Heritage Hall's comprehensive rehabilitative services are available seven days a week and are administered by a full team of licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists. Our rehab experts provide patient-specific programs that are designed to achieve and maintain the patient’s highest level of independence.

Occupational therapists are trained to assess patients with various diagnoses. They will determine the impact of the disease or surgical intervention and then determine the impact on their activities of daily living. (i.e. dressing, bathing, and grooming). Occupational therapists will then prescribe assistive devices and/or strategies that can improve the quality and ease of everyday actives for patients whose muscles and joint function have been compromised.

Physical therapists are trained to assess deficits and utilize exercise, manual techniques, and equipment to help patients regain or improve upon their physical abilities and safe mobility.

Speech therapists are specialists who evaluate and treat patients with communication disorders, swallowing difficulties, and cognitive deficits. They can utilize physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech and swallowing, speech drills to improve clarity, or sound production practice to improve articulation.

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