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Our family exists to care for yours.

Hospice Care

Surrounded by love.

At Heritage Hall, we understand that no one wants to experience the end-of-life process alone. We consider the ability to provide hospice care a privilege. Our compassionate experts do all they can to ensure everyone feels at home. We are very proud that so many are comfortable enough to choose our approach to end-of-life care at a time when trust and compassion matter most. Our goal is to provide the best quality of life for patients in hospice care through giving spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical comfort to the patients, their families, and other caregivers.

Hospice-Plus Care is what you will find at Heritage Hall.

The location you pick to receive hospice services and the hospice agency you choose are two of the most important decisions you will ever make. With so many new hospice companies in the market, the quality of care and the availability of resources and amenities can vary greatly.

Hospice agencies provide specialized end-of-life care to patients at home or in facilities like Heritage Hall. Heritage Hall is not a hospice agency. We are a hospice care location that works side-by-side with the agency of your choice. We provide an extra level of attention and around-the-clock nursing care. We also offer specialty medical equipment like lifts and bathing facilities, meal preparation, appropriate activities, and social and pastoral opportunities that can’t be provided using at-home care. It is important to realize that if you choose to have hospice care at home, hospice does not provide 24-hour nursing care. 

If you choose hospice agency care through Heritage Hall, you will receive what we call Hospice-Plus Care. This level of care ensures you get everything a hospice offers plus you have access to our experienced and reliable nursing team—24 hours a day. We do many things to ensure everyone feels at home, including family members. Hot, nutritious meals are prepared for you and your family and there is a full calendar of activities to choose from—whatever you and your family feel up to doing.

Hospice workers consistently recommend us as their location of choice. 

We provide an extra level of assurance that your loved one is receiving quality care. This is the most important time you will ever need that assurance, and choosing a place you can trust is key.

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