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Our family exists to care for yours.

Extended Care

Explore extended care.

We’re proud to say more than 80% of our patients return home after using our rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. But sometimes it’s not possible to receive all the care they need at home. That’s why Heritage Hall is dedicated to providing excellent extended care to patients requiring ongoing assistance with the routine activities of everyday life.

Everyone has different needs.

We know the importance of designing individualized plans to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our residents. Our care team works with the patient’s family and friends to develop a personalized care plan which includes different social activities, and personalized diet plans and therapies.

It’s our goal for our residents to feel at home, which is why we encourage items like family photos, a favorite chair and other memorabilia to help the resident feel more comfortable. 

We encourage our extended care residents to participate fully in everyday routines. Residents dress for the day and come to the dining room for meals when possible. And mealtimes aren’t just about food: each meal is an event, a topic of discussion, and a time to socialize.

Our numerous activities and therapies provide an important level of stimulation and socialization that our residents need. The encouragement and involvement of family is also vital to helping a new resident become fully socialized. 

We know that sometimes aging bodies need help remaining flexible and strong enough to maintain activity, which is especially important after illness or injury involving hospitalization. For that reason, extended care offers a special ongoing therapy program for eligible residents. 

Heritage Hall has almost four decades of experience in providing compassionate, individualized extended care to Virginia’s aging family members, and our reputation is unmatched.

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