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Our family exists to care for yours.

Heritage Hall Testimonials

The Family of Margaret Conner want to thank ALL the staff at Heritage Hall for taking such good care of mama. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, loving spirit in which you cared for her attending to her needs. Also thank you for loving and caring for our family during this difficult journey. Words cannot express our gratitude. Most of all thank you for your prayers. God has truly gifted you with servant hearts. May God bless you always and as you look at this peace plant may you remember the peace of mind you gave us, but most of all the peace that our Heavenly Father has given Mama as she has been called home.

With love,

Early Conner; Anita, Bruce, Lindsey & Tiffany Marston.

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the excellent care that my Dad, James D. Cleburne, received while a Rehab Patient assigned to Acute Care bed 100. My Dad had always told me that he would never be a resident in a "nursing home", but he did find himself in need of physical and occupational therapy after having back surgery on March, 21, 2016. We had just moved my mother into your facility a few weeks before his surgery, and it worked out great having them under the same roof, and so close to each other.

I would like to name the staff members who provided care to Dad, but I am so afraid that I have missed someone. I will list the staff members below who I know cared for Dad: Makiya, Melesia, Lizzy, Patricia, Eva, Carolyn, Teresa, Mable, Tracy, Judy, Mitty Sue, Danielle, Aletha, Monica

Missing from this list, I believe, are the nursing supervisors; Assistant Director Susan Worsham; and Director, Betty Pomfrey. Also missing from this list are the excellent members of the Rehab Team, under the direction of Sabrina Mayton, who worked with Dad two times a day. He enjoyed the Rehab Team so much that he is receiving outpatient therapy at your facility three times a week now! The staff from all departments worked well to make sure that Dad had what he needed to get strong enough to be discharged to home.

I would also like to mention that there were a few bumps along the way at first, but when those bumps occurred, your staff collaborated and effectively problem solved to make sure those issues were corrected. They accepted constructive criticism well and always communicated back with me or my brother about their solution and/or recommendations.

Working in the healthcare industry is difficult. Many times you may hear only the complaints. Please take this letter as a "job well done" and a special thank you to you and your staff. I will be forever grateful to you for helping my Dad achieve a better quality of life.


Virginia Coleburn Motley
(Daughter of Mr. Coleburn)

"This is a special letter to Everyone. All of you will have a special place in my heart. All the departments do your job so well. From the cleaning lady that [kept] me in toilet paper to George who was great even though we didn’t always agree. But I was always treated with care and [received] just exactly what I needed. Even a hug or a kind word of encouragement. I always got a smile and a greeting from everyone. The kitchen always [gave] me my banana!

The therapist, all of them, got my body and my mind back in shape. The Administrator is very aware of the patients needs.

I can only sum it up in a few words. To be taken care of come to Heritage Hall in Blackstone and you will see what I mean. It can be your Home Sweet Home.


Linda D. Webb"

"…thank you and all of our staff for the wonderful care given to my husband Turner Moize during his stay at Heritage Hall [Blackstone]. Words can never express the love that was shown to both of us. I thank God for a place like Heritage Hall and all the wonderful people that work there.

God Bless each of you,

Love Betty"

"To the Staff of Heritage Hall
(& Especially to Taylor, Patricia, Tracey and Sabrina),

I want to say a special thank you for all your help and hard work during my stay. Without each of you and your individual care and understanding, my recovery would never have been possible.

Again, thank you all and may God Bless each and every one of you and your families."

~John Daniels

“When I got to Heritage Hall I was 3 days out of a hip surgery.  I was in a great deal of pain.  I could hardly move without a great deal of pain and discomfort.  The nursing staff went out of their way to make me comfortable.  I rested for about a week before they had me into physical therapy.  I reluctantly went, they slowly built me up to where I graduated from a wheelchair to a walker then from a walker to a cane.

     I can’t say enough about the professionalism they gave me and the gentleness.  I believe they were an outstanding team of employees.  The nurses and CNA staff were also outstanding and professional and their gentleness exceeded my expectations.  When I was ready to leave 3 ½ months later they made the transition easy and smooth.  I want to thank the Heritage Hall staff very much for their kindness and caring for me above and beyond.  Thank you again!!”

~Mr. Jasper

"Just want you to know what a great job the 100 Unit staff and supervisor did working with Mom.  She was really confused and upset.  They really knew how to calm her down and soothe her and got right on top of her possible flare up of diverticulitis.  I am still hesitant to mention names for fear of leaving someone out but Sharon, LPN and Danielle, LPN and Christy, RN Supervisor as well as LaToiya, CNA were so patient with her and really made a difference in her care and the fact that she turned around and felt better so quickly.

Please let the administrative staff know how much our family appreciates all that they do for my Mom and my Dad."

~Virginia C. Motley

My family and I would like to thank you and all the staff of Heritage Hall that administered to my sister, Carrie Jean Rhodes.

I would like to mention Nurse Christy Dalton, and aides, Rosalind Kelly and Windy Minor.  Two of the nurses on duty in the evening, Moe and Jill, were excellent with her.  Shannon, physical therapy, and Melissa, speech therapy, were always encouraging and worked diligently to improve her mobility and ability to speak and consume nourishment.  All of your staff were very patient with me and my many questions.

Thank you again for the care my sister, Carrie received while in your care.”

~Kate B. Turbyfill

To Darlene and all of the wonderful people who took care of Mrs. Charlotte Harrison.

There are no words to truly express our gratitude for your excellent care of our mother at your facility.  Your smiles, gentleness, and kindness will always be remembered!

With grateful hearts,

~Robert and Willa Harrison & Family

 “Words are inadequate to express my family’s appreciation to Heritage Hall for the excellent care given to our cousin during her extended stay there. Their kind and caring attention to every detail necessary for her health care comforted us greatly. She was content and at peace there.”
~Dr. B.E. Polly, Jr and family

 “……..very pleased with the staff and workers.”
~Roy Harris

“My mother is a resident and has received the absolute best of care. The staff is very kind and considerate and the facility itself is clean and pleasant.”
~Cheryl Jackson

“My mother left one Rehab center and came to Heritage Hall-Big Stone Gap and received great nursing and physical therapy. I wish I had come here first because my mother would have gotten better care and returned home sooner.”
~Judy Lundy

“Very pleased with friendliness of the staff and workers. They treat my dad like family. They are very easy to talk to about his care.”
~Teresa Evans

“We are fortunate to have rehabilitation services available in our community. Our patients can receive the care they need while remaining in their community, and receive the continuity of care of their personal physicians. The staff at Heritage Hall-Big Stone Gap are caring professionals, and I am privileged for them to care for my patients.”
~Dr. Lawrence J. Fleenor, Medical Director

“I appreciate everything that has been done for my mama and myself here at Heritage Hall-Big Stone Gap. This has been a wonderful experience. Mom has traveled a very hard and devastating road since her stroke in 2008 and everyone here has been part of making a difference for the good in her life. I really don’t know who does the interviews and hiring here but I want you to know, in my experience, you sure have collected a group of very hard working employees that are full of compassion, understanding and good will. Thanks for all you have done!!!!”
~Mary Pennington

 “A place where the needs of loved ones are cared for. A place that cares for life.”
~John Toney

“I do want to thank you for the care the staff of Heritage Hall provided to my mother for 2 1/2 years… Heritage Hall is quite a wonderful place. You folks try your very best to make it just like home for the residents and their families. You all certainly made me welcome when I came to Blacksburg to visit.”

“They always had a special way of showing our mother they cared. We cannot express our gratitude and thanks enough to everyone at that facility…. It was truly a good experience and we will never forget each and every one of you. Also…a special thanks to the physical and occupational therapist. They were super great to help get mom back up on her feet.”
~Audrey Boyd and Vincent Powers

“Heritage Hall has undergone changes that are an enhancement to the facility. The home is cheerful, well maintained, pretty grounds are well kept and filled with wonderful workers. I so much appreciate the fact that you are located right here in our area and we do not have to go out of town to find help for our loved ones. It is so easy to be able to visit and I say thank you.”
~Pat Rattiff

“Each and every time I have needed services, the therapist / nursing staff have provided top quality care to me. They always show genuine concern about the residents and their overall well being.”
~Resident Ann Gish

“I would change nothing about the experience and time spent at this facility.”
~Resident Margaret Thompson

“Overall it’s a good place to eat, sleep, and gain one’s strength.”
~Resident Jeff Beverly

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